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chicks in chucksCall us artsy, liberal hippies if you’d like, but we want to encourage other, artsy, liberal tree huggers to visit us. Also keep in mind, that Kronic Kat moves around too much to do a Ladies Night, but we wanted to do, well… something. With that said, frankly, we here at Kronic Kat feel that nothing beats the appeal of a girl wearing Chuck Taylor’s Converse, and it’s high time they were recognized and rewarded for it. To that end, in an effort to combine the two notions of tree hugging hippies and a Ladies Night, Kronic Kat now proudly offers a Chicks In Chucks discount!

How does it work? Ladies wearing Chuck Taylors get an automatic 25% off at wherever Kronic Kat is set up that night (Does not apply to the Rent Kronic Kat for the Day dealio) and if they would like, they ALSO get their picture put up on our Facebook page! What’s better than that? And before all you guys in Chucks gripe… hey, it’s a woman’s world, and no one said you can’t have your gal buy your Kronic Dogs for you. We won’t tell if you don’t.

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What The Chuck? Chucks Kiss My Chucks

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