Columbus Ohio Pushcart Requirements

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The following are Pushcart Requirements for the City of Columbus, Ohio.


Pushcarts come in two varieties, those in which the operator stands on the ground or those in which the operator stands inside the cart. Typically, there is no electric or mechanical refrigeration associated with a pushcart.

Basic Requirements

• Pushcarts usually have a fixed grill or flat top that is manufactured into the body of the cart. The warmers and cold storage are also part of the body of the Pushcart.

• Pushcarts normally have limited infrastructure and no electricity associated with their operation. Therefore, ice coolers serve as refrigerators and the sinks are very small. The water supply and dry storage are also very limited.

• Although the sinks are small, there must still be a hand wash sink and a three-compartment (wash/rinse/sanitize) sink. There must also be a faucet.

• Because of the limited infrastructure, Pushcarts must work out of a commissary. A commissary is nothing more than a licensed food service.

• A restaurant or grocery store are common commissaries that Pushcarts work out of.

• The Pushcart must begin and end each working day at the commissary.

Commissary Agreement, (supplied by the Health Dept.), must be signed by the Pushcart owner and the Commissary owner on a yearly basis before a Mobile Food Service License is issued. This Commissary Agreement basically states that the commissary owner knows, and agrees to let the Pushcart owner work from their facility. The Commissary owner must agree to have the commissary open for use whenever the Pushcart owner needs to use it. This agreement allows the Pushcart owner to use the infrastructure of the commissary that the Pushcart lacks.


Related Regulations

• Food to be served from the Concession will be prepared on the Concession. No food preparation will be allowed from a home and brought to the Concession for sale.

• All food handling regulations that pertain to a restaurant are exactly the same for a Mobile Pushcart Food Concession.

• Pushcarts are referred to as “restricted mobiles”.

• There may be local regulations that limit where and when this type of Pushcart Concession operates. An example of this may be a Peddler’s Permit issued by a city’s Permit Department or Zoning Department. Go to: for more information.

City of Columbus Concession Identification

• An ID 3” tall and 1” wide and contain the following information:

1. Company Name

2. City, State, Zip Code

3. Area Code and Phone Number

Health License (614) 645-6762

Fire Inspection (614) 645-7641

Peddler’s License (614) 645-8366

Pushcart License (614) 645-8366

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