Kronic Kat Katering

Kronic Kat Hot Dog KartIf you are having a private party and plan on having a lot of guests… think about renting out Kronic Kat’s services for the afternoon or evening!

For $160 here is what you get:

40 Nathan’s All Beef Hot Dogs with free premium fixin’s.

12 of any combination of Johnsonville New Orleans Style Brats or Vegan Hot Dogs, also with free premium fixin’s.

Free advertising of your shin-dig on Facebook.

Up to 50 Free Passes to The X Gentleman’s Club ($10 Value each).

Interested? Facebook and email are to the right, and the Menu is below.

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Kronic Kat Hot Dog Menu, Columbus Ohio

You’ve had all-beef dogs at the stadium. You know how great they are. Now trade that in for a Nathan’s Original, and you can multiply that flavor by about three. Now, with that thought in the front of your gig, think about this… Kronic Kat takes that… and makes it even better!

In fact, we’re confident enough to say that after you try us, you too will say that this is
“The Best Hot Dog You Will Ever Have In Your Entire Life”

Kronic DogIt begins with The Kronic Dog– A big fat juicy New York Nathan’s All-Beefer placed atop a freshly baked bun that’s been blessed with just a touch of our Home Made Italian Dressing. There’s nothing to be afraid of here. This not-so-secret recipe only enhances the flavor of your hot dog, so whatever condiments you normally prefer are just going to taste that much better.

Buckeye DogNext, there is The Buckeye Dog– Inspired by the hot dog that’s swept the laid-back and liberal coffee-drinking community of Seattle, done with a twist for the laid-back and liberal coffee-drinking community of Columbus Ohio. Just like The Kronic Dog, this dog is snuggled in to a fluffy bun enhanced with Italian Dressing. But then we knock your socks off by adding a generous heaping-helping of thick, rich philly cream cheese. Crazy? Maybe. But definitely addicting. And definitely Kronic! So good in fact, several people nominated it for the best dog in Columbus on! Extra Philly Cheese add 50 cents.

Hawaiian Hot DogNEW! Added in August 2011, is the new Kronic Kat Hawaiian Dog! You’ve had pineapples on pizza, why not on a Nathan’s All Beef Hot Dog? The flavor is actually incredible, especially when we mix it with our thick Philadelphia cream cheese… or you can substitute the Philly with our newly added Shredded Jack Cheese if that suits your fancy a little more! Either way, you won’t know if you’re on the Jersey Shore or the Hawaiian Seaside!

Also added in 2011:

Kronic Kat BratsThe Cheddarwurst & Bahama Papa Brats! – Cooked in, and mounded with genuine German Sauerkraut, the Bahama Papa brat was chosen for being a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy.

Veggie DogThe Kronic Kat Veggie Dog – Also cooked in German Sauerkraut for a nice flavorful kick, (but not topped with it) and placed on a fluffy bun kissed with a little Home Made Italian Dressing.

El Cheapo DogThe El Cheapo – You asked for it, you got it. Care more about your pocketbook than quality? No worries, we have you taken care of here too. This is your basic, pieces-parts hotdog made of beef, chicken and pork. Also much smaller than the Nathan’s All Beef Dog.

As always, Lays Potato Chips or Bottled Water are still just a buck.

Free Hot Dog Toppings: Yellow Mustard, Spicy Brown Mustard, Ketchup, Relish.
Premium Toppings: Pineapple, Shredded Jack Cheese, Onions, Philly Cream Cheese, Cheddar Cheeze Whiz, Banana Peppers, Sauerkraut.(Included for free on the Katering deal, otherwise 50 cents extra).