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Kronic Kat LogoWant to show your support, or just walk around in a T-Shirt that’s kewl simply because no one on earth has ever heard of Kronic Kat? Well here ya go. Be the first kid on the block. Here’s some coupon codes to get the stuff even cheaper! Products shown are all the designs we have, but we’re showing you only a few styles. You can literally choose from hundreds of different shirt & style kombinations, and there’s even shirts for kids or pets! T-Shirts start at only $12.95! Also, Check out our small line of Kronic Kat Greeting Cards!

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Kronic-Kat-T-Klassic Kronic-Kat-T-Gimme
Kronic-Kat-T-Pussy Kronic-Kat-T-Mouse
Kronic-Kat-T-Smell Kronic-Kat-T-Nip
Kronic-Kat-T-Litter Kronic-Kat-T-Lick
Kronic-Kat-Mousepad Kronic-Kat-Hat
Kronic-Kat-Magnet Kronic-Kat-Mug

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